Sweet Saturdays

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Who turned on the damn oven outside??? This weekend the heat was nothing shy of scorching which leads to the perfect example of the saying “Be careful what you ask for”. However, I am preeeeety sure I didn’t asked to be baking on the side walk. For this post I decided to keep it simple with floral shorts and a white flowy top. I would usually tie a flannel or a cardigan around short shorts to keep from feeling too exposed, but these shorts have been long over due for some sunlight.




The Mood

Before I go into the details of this awesome outfit post, I just want to say….SORRY.
Sorry for leaving my blog high and dry for the past few weeks. Because of the new semester, it has been hard posting regularly, and since I am big on written content I didn’t want to just  leave you guys with a page full of photos and no thoughts behind it.

So before I drone on….

The Mood.

I am finally on “spring break” and I use this term loosely because when I think of spring break I picture days spent half naked sauntering on the beach eating frozen treats. However, my “spring break” consists of me going to museums and art galleries all while trying not to be blown into traffic by the wind. Sexy.

So for now we will give this break a more appropriate word; recess.

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These recess days have been nothing short of lazy, so to emulate the mood I wore one of my favorite casual outfits; leather under a knitted dress. This is hands down one of my favorite outfits just because I don’t have to worry about adding accessories, shifting or pulling things down.

It’s just easy.

While strolling through the Meat Packing District looking for a place to shoot, I saw this huge gold house surrounded by white space. I certainly wasn’t expecting it, but I was intrigued, so my friend and I went in hoping to find an explanation for this cabin. The exhibition is  called “America” by Will Ryman in the Paul Kasmin Gallery and it is absolutely amazing. Click here for the video of Will Ryman explaining his inspiration for the exhibit.

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{Knitted Dress, Leather pants and Thick Knit Infinity Scarve: H&M}

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{Boots: Jeffrey Campbell}

I love these shoes! They are so comfortable and can be worn with anything.

S/N: They’re on sale. You can thank me later. 😉



The Mullet

During my last week of vacation I decided to take full advantage of sunny ‘ol Miami. I did what every smart person who was vacationing away from the cold; I went to the beach and took a pole dancing class. The ladder has nothing to do with anything, but I just thought I’d throw that out there! It was quite fun and entertaining. The entertaining bit was seeing myself through the mirror! Hey….I didn’t say I was any good.

Anywho…because I won’t be coming across any warm weather for the next few months I decided to do an outfit post!


I absolutely love this dress from H&M! It reminds me of a mullet in some respects. Conservative in the front and then…WHAM!
“What in the hell happened” party in the back.
When I first saw this dress all I could think was “Now where are you going to wear this get up?”, but as I strutted my stuff in front of the fitting room’s mirror for about 15 minutes all I could think was “Well if you don’t buy it the fitting room lady is going to give you the side eye” so eh… I bought it.



The best part of having this dress is finding ways to dress it down! I wanted to keep it simple by just pairing it with a motorcycle cut jacket and converse!
I usually don’t look this angry….



Photos by TFF

{Dress: H&M, Jacket: Forever21, Shoes: Converse, Dog Tag: My high school, Bird Pendant Necklace & 3 ring set: UrbanOutfitters, Bag: From my grandmother’s closet, Lip Stick: Girl About Town MAC, Nail Polish: Lollipop Essie}

There’s my smile! 🙂


Welcome to Miami!

“Party in the city where the heat is on
All night on the beach till the break of dawn
Welcome to Miami (bienvenido a Miami)”

When I go on to tell people I am from Miami, their eyes light up with a glint of awe and jealousy that I will probably never understand. Don’t get me wrong, after being in New York  City for 6 consecutive months I couldn’t get  home fast enough to bury my feet in the sandy beaches.  Although I miss home from time to time, I could never grow the cojones to compare New York City and Miami! So I tip my pimp hat proudly when I say that I looooove New York, but Miami will always be my mistress. My friends may give you another version of this story but this is my truth and I am sticking to it!

Miami Palm Trees

Home is where the heart is (Instagram @Shawandamarie)

Besides the delicious food, beaches and The Art Deco, Miami expresses its latin flair through Fashion. Again, I will not subject myself to comparing New York’s fashion to Miami’s, but I will say this: Miami does not shy away from color, even during the “chills” of winter.

So a few weeks ago during my 4 day vacation back home, I sat back and asked myself  “Am I just blinded by the floral neon pants or are there actual stylish people in Miami?”

I had  the privilege to join my friend  and fellow blogger Niani Tolbert at the preveiwing of Skaist-Taylor’s new collection, and during this time I took the opportunity to capture what I believed to be the core of Fashion in Miami this summer!

Rachael Russell: Stylist and Founder of Style Saves

I can’t remember his name for the life of me, but his pants were tailored to the T!

She is even more gorgeous in person! Ayesha Ibrahim: Fashion Designer and Stylist

I LOVE layering jewelry. It can either give off a cool edgy or glamorous vibe.

Desiree Parth: Owner of Nail Bar in Midtown Miami

There was something so fun and structured about the way their outfits were put together, whether they wore a tailored blazer and a short funky printed dress or a simple dress with an embellished collar.

Mixing colors and prints was a major trend I noticed in the crowd of teeny boppers and even the little old women! One thing is for sure, Miami carries the torch of being a stylish city pretty well.

Be Comfy.