The Kill Society

So I DIED when I found out that Chris Brown’s Ex Karrueche Tran was launching a clothing line called The Kill Society. She started this line with Chris as a female version to his Black Pyramid clothing line, and now she has taken this line fully under her wing and is pushing and promoting the movement of The Kill Society. I  was and still am skeptical to say the least. I mean I’m even starting to look at my chicken scratch drawings as possible artwork, but then reality smacks me in the back of my head. However, all skepticism and shade aside, I do appreciate her tenacity to not fade into the murky waters of being Chris Brown’s Ex-girlfriend.


Christina Millian and Chris Brown have been seen supporting and sporting The Kill T-shirts, hats and yessssssssss skullies!!!! And if you have read my outfit postGone With The Wyn a few weeks ago about my new love for skullies, you will understand my excitement. The simple design of the skullies are beyond dope, and all the cool kids on the block would agree that I need this in my life! The Website was supposed to launch December 12, 2012 but with all things in life shit happens! So now I am left here to patiently twiddle my thumbs waiting for the launch.


Pictures c/o Instagram

Loooooove the crop top! Now all I need is a stencil and an airbrush kit…

Question? Do you think this line is something I should be excited about or is it dead on arrival?





Winter Skin Got You Down?

Since I have been back upstate I have come across a problem: Winter dryness

Winter is all fun and games until someone’s skin gets hurt!

As you all know I am from a place where winter does not exist, and the only protection for my skin that I need is sunscreen. However, I have obviously decided to torture myself by choosing to go to college in New York City and completely ignore that fact that I have never been in any weather less than 50 degrees fahrenheit.

Recently I have been looking for a facial oil to add to my skin care routine that wouldn’t empty my bank account and make me look like the bottom of a Five Guys paper bag, and I came to the realization that no such facial oil exists. So before I spend an offensive amount of money on a beauty product, I will exhaust all other resources first.


  1. Grandmother: Cocoa butter and Vaseline are not an option Grandma.
  2. Mommy: Soap and water will not solve all of my issues lady.
  3. Friends: They are in the same boat.
  4. Google: When all else fails…

After spending a few minutes on google I might have just found the solution to my problem…and world peace:

100% Grape Seed Oil. Yes, plain ‘ol cooking oil!

 photo grapeseed20large_zps0b22b2f3.jpg

Cosmetic Benefit:

  • Inexpensive (found in any local grocery store)
  • Lightweight
  • Doesn’t irritate skin
  • non-comedogenic (doesn’t clog pores)
  • Helps regulate natural oil production
  • The vitamin C aids in evening out complexion

I just dab a few drops of this on my face over my moisturizer, and it relieves my skin of any tight dry skin. If the cooking oil part is throwing you for a loop, you can try Caudalie Vinosource Nourishing Concentrate (That’s if you want to spend a little more, but honestly ain’t nobody got time for that.)

Emma Stone swears by this oil for her skin, so apparently I’m not the only one loving this stuff!

What helps your skin through these tough winter months???



The Mullet

During my last week of vacation I decided to take full advantage of sunny ‘ol Miami. I did what every smart person who was vacationing away from the cold; I went to the beach and took a pole dancing class. The ladder has nothing to do with anything, but I just thought I’d throw that out there! It was quite fun and entertaining. The entertaining bit was seeing myself through the mirror! Hey….I didn’t say I was any good.

Anywho…because I won’t be coming across any warm weather for the next few months I decided to do an outfit post!


I absolutely love this dress from H&M! It reminds me of a mullet in some respects. Conservative in the front and then…WHAM!
“What in the hell happened” party in the back.
When I first saw this dress all I could think was “Now where are you going to wear this get up?”, but as I strutted my stuff in front of the fitting room’s mirror for about 15 minutes all I could think was “Well if you don’t buy it the fitting room lady is going to give you the side eye” so eh… I bought it.



The best part of having this dress is finding ways to dress it down! I wanted to keep it simple by just pairing it with a motorcycle cut jacket and converse!
I usually don’t look this angry….



Photos by TFF

{Dress: H&M, Jacket: Forever21, Shoes: Converse, Dog Tag: My high school, Bird Pendant Necklace & 3 ring set: UrbanOutfitters, Bag: From my grandmother’s closet, Lip Stick: Girl About Town MAC, Nail Polish: Lollipop Essie}

There’s my smile! 🙂


New Year, New Me?

I don’t know about you, but I just loathe when people say,  “new year, new me.” That phrase is as fake as that Chanel handbag in China Town, and if that is your new years resolution you ARE that fake Chanel handbag in China Town.

However, it is with good spirit to want to bring in the new year with high hopes for the future. So, this is why during this week of celebration (January 2nd was a national holiday for me: My Birthday) I have decided to stop being a grouch and have that little voice in the back of my head make a list. A new years resolution list to be exact.

10 Resolutions for 2013!

  1. Stop pretending you want to go on a diet. Shawanda, you will only fail by week 2 and then eat yourself into a comfy position while watching Sex And The City.
  2. Help someone in need.
  3. After the 3rd outfit just walk away. You will not find the perfect outfit for that party if most of your wardrobe is on the floor.
  4. Don’t settle. If you settle you miss out on the option that was just around the corner.
  5. Stop hating Kim Kardashian so much….SHE HAS DONE NOTHING TO YOU.
  6. Smile while walking down the street because it’s totally NOT creepy, besides the guy staring you down as you walk on 8th ave is going to tell you to anyway.
  7. Participate in a run for charity (The Color Run!!!)
  8. If you are talking to someone give them your full attention. Don’t check your phone hoping someone will give you an excuse to be somewhere else.
  9. Just give the guy a chance!
  10. Stay on top of this damn blog.
  11. Have more fun. Be more wild. Have no regrets 🙂


c/o instagram: ShawandaMD

With that being said this is my list and a pretty damn good one if I say so myself! What is your new years resolution(s). Hope this got the ball rolling for you guys!
Happy wife, Happy life….I’m sorry, I don’t know where I was going with that.