Sweet Saturdays

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Who turned on the damn oven outside??? This weekend the heat was nothing shy of scorching which leads to the perfect example of the saying “Be careful what you ask for”. However, I am preeeeety sure I didn’t asked to be baking on the side walk. For this post I decided to keep it simple with floral shorts and a white flowy top. I would usually tie a flannel or a cardigan around short shorts to keep from feeling too exposed, but these shorts have been long over due for some sunlight.




The Mood

Before I go into the details of this awesome outfit post, I just want to say….SORRY.
Sorry for leaving my blog high and dry for the past few weeks. Because of the new semester, it has been hard posting regularly, and since I am big on written content I didn’t want to just  leave you guys with a page full of photos and no thoughts behind it.

So before I drone on….

The Mood.

I am finally on “spring break” and I use this term loosely because when I think of spring break I picture days spent half naked sauntering on the beach eating frozen treats. However, my “spring break” consists of me going to museums and art galleries all while trying not to be blown into traffic by the wind. Sexy.

So for now we will give this break a more appropriate word; recess.

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These recess days have been nothing short of lazy, so to emulate the mood I wore one of my favorite casual outfits; leather under a knitted dress. This is hands down one of my favorite outfits just because I don’t have to worry about adding accessories, shifting or pulling things down.

It’s just easy.

While strolling through the Meat Packing District looking for a place to shoot, I saw this huge gold house surrounded by white space. I certainly wasn’t expecting it, but I was intrigued, so my friend and I went in hoping to find an explanation for this cabin. The exhibition is  called “America” by Will Ryman in the Paul Kasmin Gallery and it is absolutely amazing. Click here for the video of Will Ryman explaining his inspiration for the exhibit.

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{Knitted Dress, Leather pants and Thick Knit Infinity Scarve: H&M}

 photo IMG_3187_zpsd810758e.jpg

{Boots: Jeffrey Campbell}

I love these shoes! They are so comfortable and can be worn with anything.

S/N: They’re on sale. You can thank me later. 😉



Schoolin’ life

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With the chill of winter and zealous beginnings of spring semester, I find myself….happy. Yes, happy, despite the inhumane treatment from the weather and a few new unhinged professors. Just like previous first few weeks of school, I want to start off on the right foot, ya know? At least LOOK like I have my shit together although after a month in I will be smashing the snooze button into oblivion and rushing to class with barely enough time to brush my hair….story of my life

On the bright side, without the copious amounts of homework so far, I’ve had time to actually get ready for class! This outfit was inspired by 15 years of “First Day of School” attire and to be honest I haven’t looked quite this nerdy since Grade School. My favorite piece is the Brown Leather Backpack that I’ve had since high school when I was obviously waaaaay to cool to want to wear it. There was just something about having a school bag with more than one strap that I thought was stressful and inconvenient. However, nowadays with my new found obsession with any and everything leather I don’t want to take the damn thing off!

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The leather panels on the shoulder and shape of the hem keeps the knitted dress from looking too serious.

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My fabulous one hand Andy Warhol inspired nails!

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{Coat: Alloy, Collard Shirt and tights: H&M, Dress: Zara, Shoes and Ring: Urban Outfitters, Watch: Coach, Backpack: Handmade by D. Brozzi, Lipstick: Ruby Woo M.A.C}

Awkardly happy but what’s new?



The Kill Society

So I DIED when I found out that Chris Brown’s Ex Karrueche Tran was launching a clothing line called The Kill Society. She started this line with Chris as a female version to his Black Pyramid clothing line, and now she has taken this line fully under her wing and is pushing and promoting the movement of The Kill Society. I  was and still am skeptical to say the least. I mean I’m even starting to look at my chicken scratch drawings as possible artwork, but then reality smacks me in the back of my head. However, all skepticism and shade aside, I do appreciate her tenacity to not fade into the murky waters of being Chris Brown’s Ex-girlfriend.


Christina Millian and Chris Brown have been seen supporting and sporting The Kill T-shirts, hats and yessssssssss skullies!!!! And if you have read my outfit postGone With The Wyn a few weeks ago about my new love for skullies, you will understand my excitement. The simple design of the skullies are beyond dope, and all the cool kids on the block would agree that I need this in my life! The Website was supposed to launch December 12, 2012 but with all things in life shit happens! So now I am left here to patiently twiddle my thumbs waiting for the launch.


Pictures c/o Instagram

Loooooove the crop top! Now all I need is a stencil and an airbrush kit…

Question? Do you think this line is something I should be excited about or is it dead on arrival?