The Kill Society

So I DIED when I found out that Chris Brown’s Ex Karrueche Tran was launching a clothing line called The Kill Society. She started this line with Chris as a female version to his Black Pyramid clothing line, and now she has taken this line fully under her wing and is pushing and promoting the movement of The Kill Society. I  was and still am skeptical to say the least. I mean I’m even starting to look at my chicken scratch drawings as possible artwork, but then reality smacks me in the back of my head. However, all skepticism and shade aside, I do appreciate her tenacity to not fade into the murky waters of being Chris Brown’s Ex-girlfriend.


Christina Millian and Chris Brown have been seen supporting and sporting The Kill T-shirts, hats and yessssssssss skullies!!!! And if you have read my outfit postGone With The Wyn a few weeks ago about my new love for skullies, you will understand my excitement. The simple design of the skullies are beyond dope, and all the cool kids on the block would agree that I need this in my life! The Website was supposed to launch December 12, 2012 but with all things in life shit happens! So now I am left here to patiently twiddle my thumbs waiting for the launch.


Pictures c/o Instagram

Loooooove the crop top! Now all I need is a stencil and an airbrush kit…

Question? Do you think this line is something I should be excited about or is it dead on arrival?





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