The Mullet

During my last week of vacation I decided to take full advantage of sunny ‘ol Miami. I did what every smart person who was vacationing away from the cold; I went to the beach and took a pole dancing class. The ladder has nothing to do with anything, but I just thought I’d throw that out there! It was quite fun and entertaining. The entertaining bit was seeing myself through the mirror! Hey….I didn’t say I was any good.

Anywho…because I won’t be coming across any warm weather for the next few months I decided to do an outfit post!


I absolutely love this dress from H&M! It reminds me of a mullet in some respects. Conservative in the front and then…WHAM!
“What in the hell happened” party in the back.
When I first saw this dress all I could think was “Now where are you going to wear this get up?”, but as I strutted my stuff in front of the fitting room’s mirror for about 15 minutes all I could think was “Well if you don’t buy it the fitting room lady is going to give you the side eye” so eh… I bought it.



The best part of having this dress is finding ways to dress it down! I wanted to keep it simple by just pairing it with a motorcycle cut jacket and converse!
I usually don’t look this angry….



Photos by TFF

{Dress: H&M, Jacket: Forever21, Shoes: Converse, Dog Tag: My high school, Bird Pendant Necklace & 3 ring set: UrbanOutfitters, Bag: From my grandmother’s closet, Lip Stick: Girl About Town MAC, Nail Polish: Lollipop Essie}

There’s my smile! 🙂



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