Gone With The Wyn

Since I am back home in Miami for a few weeks, me and my partner in crime Niani went out to take a few pictures in Wynwood Art District for our blogs. The street art was absolutely amazing and it made the perfect background for our nonchalant outfits. Check out her post here.

2Gone with Wyn

{Old V-Neck, Army Jacket: No Relations, Velvet Skirt, Over-The-Knee Socks, Black Booties: Urban Outfitters, Watch: From Disneyworld over 10 years ago, Nets Skully c/o my friends Lauren’s closet}

For the past few months I have had this obscene obsession with skullys! Not beanies but skullys. Your face may twist in confusion as you try to decode my new found hipster lingo, but this word is not new I promise!

In case you didn’t know skullys have more of a stiff shape that can indeed make you look like a cone head if not worn correctly and a beanie is just the slouchier version of a skully.

I remember my older brothers owning every color to match whatever outfit they were wearing that day. Although the matching from head to toe era has come and thankfully gone, I can’t help but smile when I see a guy wearing one with the same careless, kinda rugged but kinda cool charm. Don’t get me wrong, guys in beanies are notably cool too, but the ones in skullys usually get my attention. It’s just one of those pepsi or coke things you know?

So whenever I’m feeling a little lazy or attempting to be a bit more cooler than I normally am, I through this bad boy on and head out!

Gone with the Wyn

Gone with the Wyn


Gone with the Wyn

My outfit, like me is plain and simple but fun 🙂



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