Fall Is Out For Blood!

Let’s face it. As much as we all love summer, our favorite season of them all is fall. (see what I did there?) Mainly because of everybody’s creative way of keeping warm, also known as Fall Fashion. I was first introduced to this phenomena around this time last year because frankly there is no fall or changing of season for that matter in Miami. Usually I would put on an outfit and if it is chilly I would just throw on a sweater or a jacket knowing that the weather would hike itself back up to 85 degrees later!

Coming up north was another story, and to my eager knowledge people stored their fall clothing during the warmer seasons. Yes, stored… So I sat back and took notes on the correlation between Fall and Fashion, and I realized the trendy fall season is really why people move up here. Right?

While I was checking Style.com for Fall 2012 ready to wear shows, I noticed a trend that came in the form of color that was hard to ignore…


I’m referring to the Ox blood and Blood Orange colors that have been smearing the runways!

Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Gucci

Alexander Wang, Charlotte Ronson, McQ

I love how the designers saturated looks with this one color but made them all unique by adding different shades and textures, almost making the color look new, in a way.

Since this college student doesn’t have the funds to recreate these looks for Fall I did what I do best (window-shop ) and looked around for my Fall must haves some included this neat color on my favorite retailers

1. Trompe L’Oeil Thigh-High Tight
2. Coincidence & Chance Flecked Sweater
3. Tribal Print Skirt
4. Surplice Back Slit Dress

1. Castel 8 Eye Boot – Black Velvet
2. Equinox Hobo Bag
3. Levi’s Demi Curve High-Rise Skinny Jean

As you can see, my style is all over the place, but I manage to make it work! Hopefully one or two or ALL of these items will make its way into my needy possession 🙂

What is on your NP LIST?

Be Comfy.


P.S: Runway pictures belong to Style.com 🙂