Lately I’ve been trying to incorporate this Zen philosophy, in an effort to bring more positivity into my life.

OK listen don’t give me the “cut the crap Shawanda” face! This portion of my blog will be dedicated to anything that is on my wee little heart at the moment and it’s me sharing a little bit of my personal self. So enjoy!

Any who…where  was I?


I can’t tell you how many times I have felt like my head would explode from just thinking about sleep when I had a long list of tasks to do. Or that feeling of increasing frustration from outside forces, but life is too short. Cliché, I know, but nothing could be more true. We all have goals or dreams for our lives, but we should never have to compromise our happiness and/or health to reach that destination. However, I am not saying that there won’t be challenges because let me tell ya, life is no walk in the park!

Despite the hardballs life throws you, you should always take a break from that temporary chaos and just grab a moment to inhale and exhale. Take in the positivity of the possibilities, the future and balance and exhale to release all negativity.

Easier said than done right?

I must admit, it will take some time to make this a habit, so in the mean time here are some ways to keep this 7 letter word in the forefront of your brain:

  • Post it! Literally take a post-it write BREATHE and stick it somewhere that it will catch your attention. I put one on the inside of my wardrobe and above my study desk. Don’t forget to do it whenever you see it!

  •  Declutter. I’m pretty positive that it will be much easier to breathe without that 2 day old gym sock lying around. Simplify your space. When my room is a mess, I know that something is out of balance. I remove the things I have been holding onto for a later date hoarding and clean up to get some type of order
  •  Upset? Go for a walk. There is nothing like fresh air and an open mind. Here in NYC I wouldn’t say there are a million places for me to go to clear my head, but there are a few really good places. So go somewhere that doesn’t add to the madness and walk…and why look at that…’s a form of exercise too!

{Chelsea Piers}

Be Comfy.



It’s September you say?

It seems as if whenever September rolls around New Yorkers get there undies in a bunch! Why? Well there are two reasons, but to keep the mood light and airy I will only go with this one….


Yes darlings…the week(s) where every fashion executive, mogul, guru and even broke college student come together to drool over delicate chiffons, playful patterns and the beauty of conceptual art. I know many people will tilt their head to the side and ask “Why are you excited to see clothing you will probably never be able to afford?”

  1. It’s Fun…
  2. It’s Art. Art is not only something you splatter onto a blank canvas, but it’s a medium the reaches far beyond the basic visual. There is a story behind those yards of fabric that speaks to everyone in a way that alters perception.
  3. It’s a timeline. Looking at the economic down turns is one way to reflect on the past, but so is fashion. The timeline of fashion is ever-changing and reflects on the movement of society.

And did I mention we all like to fantasize over what we can’t have?!

I am over the rainbow with excitement to see some of my favorite designer’s collections for Spring 2013 and hopefully throw a new designer or two onto that list. So let the Ohhh’s and Ahhh’s begin.


I can’t forget to mention Fashion’s Night Out! It is that glorious night where consumers are drawn into stores after hours to shop and enjoy the pandemonium of what’s to come.

But for me that evening could have been a wee bit more organized!

I went to DVF in the meat packing district first in hopes of you know…casually running into Solange Knowles, but besides the celebrity faces the energy at DVF was AMAZING! There was people, music, food, drinks, a photo booth and even a palm reader. Oh yea and Diane Von Furstenburg casually walking through the crowd.

A few pics


So according to Raven here I’m very private, stubborn and a bit guarded with 3 children in my future…O OK RAVEN

*Raven and my bud, my honey bunches of oats Lauren!*

LE PHOTO BOOTH. They were making fancy flip books! I knew we should have gotten in line!!!

The DJ DJ’n!

O hey there Diane, having fun?

Stay tuned kiddies for a post on my favorite collections and trends from NYFW! I love that this post is just full of obnoxious pet names!

Be Comfy.