Welcome to Miami!

“Party in the city where the heat is on
All night on the beach till the break of dawn
Welcome to Miami (bienvenido a Miami)”

When I go on to tell people I am from Miami, their eyes light up with a glint of awe and jealousy that I will probably never understand. Don’t get me wrong, after being in New York  City for 6 consecutive months I couldn’t get  home fast enough to bury my feet in the sandy beaches.  Although I miss home from time to time, I could never grow the cojones to compare New York City and Miami! So I tip my pimp hat proudly when I say that I looooove New York, but Miami will always be my mistress. My friends may give you another version of this story but this is my truth and I am sticking to it!

Miami Palm Trees

Home is where the heart is (Instagram @Shawandamarie)

Besides the delicious food, beaches and The Art Deco, Miami expresses its latin flair through Fashion. Again, I will not subject myself to comparing New York’s fashion to Miami’s, but I will say this: Miami does not shy away from color, even during the “chills” of winter.

So a few weeks ago during my 4 day vacation back home, I sat back and asked myself  “Am I just blinded by the floral neon pants or are there actual stylish people in Miami?”

I had  the privilege to join my friend  and fellow blogger Niani Tolbert at the preveiwing of Skaist-Taylor’s new collection, and during this time I took the opportunity to capture what I believed to be the core of Fashion in Miami this summer!

Rachael Russell: Stylist and Founder of Style Saves

I can’t remember his name for the life of me, but his pants were tailored to the T!

She is even more gorgeous in person! Ayesha Ibrahim: Fashion Designer and Stylist

I LOVE layering jewelry. It can either give off a cool edgy or glamorous vibe.

Desiree Parth: Owner of Nail Bar in Midtown Miami

There was something so fun and structured about the way their outfits were put together, whether they wore a tailored blazer and a short funky printed dress or a simple dress with an embellished collar.

Mixing colors and prints was a major trend I noticed in the crowd of teeny boppers and even the little old women! One thing is for sure, Miami carries the torch of being a stylish city pretty well.

Be Comfy.



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